Petition Scam: Sign the Petition, Lose your Wallet

Have you noticed the clean, nicely dressed kids, politely but silently pushing a petition at you?   It’s for a supposed deaf-mute center, but they get a lot more than a signature.

Posing as earnest deaf-mutes, they are actually… Romanian pickpocket prodigies.  They start with getting a signature, then maybe a donation of a few euros, and then, so moved by your generosity, the adorable mute girl gives you a hug… and somewhere in this whole business your wallet disappears.   The police have picked up this brother-sister team several times, but because they are minors, of course they get released immediately and back they go to do it again.  They’ve been seen in Nice, Vence, Cagnes-sur-Mer, and this week they’re working the Petition Scam in Antibes.

Source: Nice-Matin, Nice-Matin

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2 Responses to Petition Scam: Sign the Petition, Lose your Wallet

  1. john bailey says:

    Also the ”forms” on which the ”donation” purport to be in support of Unicef and a host of other charities that are crudely copied to the heading..
    More than a brother and sister team, in the summer in and around place Massena in Nice, i counted six of them on regular patrol every day, targeting mainly elderly tourists.
    On several occaisons i pointed out to the hapless targets that its a scam, and i received more than one aggressive gesture from these poor downtrodden ethnic minority. NOT.. They not only thieve, they collect hundreds of euros daily each. Its organised crime. Its time Estrossi had a ”Zero Tolerance” policy on his streets.
    The bigger picture is that, and i include prostitution, these elements from the east assume ownership of our streets, then its a tradeable commodity and then come the turf wars. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful place, we should not allow it to be degraded to the levels imposed on us by the immoral minority.

  2. London Calling says:

    Next time, could they not be “deported” to Brussels, to thieve from those nice old men that thought letting Romania join the EU was a good idea? Time they experienced the consequences of their own foolishness, instead of everyone else.