Watch for Falling Rocks (…In Town!)


While so much of Nice is getting a facelift (Place Garibaldi and MARMAC come to mind…), other areas are literally falling apart.  On Monday, part of the façade dropped off a building on rue de la Californie, and yesterday it happened twice:  once near the bustling Marche de la Liberation, where a 2-meter-long chunk of balcony fell on a restaurant terrace just before lunch, and then again in the afternoon in the Old Town on rue Sainte-Reparate.

Then on Saturday, a chunk of facade fell off the Boscolo Plaza Hotel around 17h30, crashing right in front of the hotel entry.  Luckily, no one was coming or going at that precipitous moment and the only casualty was the glass portico, which smashed dramatically all over the sidewalk.

Amazingly, in all of these cases, nobody was hurt… but everyone was definitely spooked:  it’s been just two months since 61-year-old Michel Garribo went to out get his morning baguette and was nailed in front of the bakery by an enormous block of falling balcony which killed him instantly.

The Latest Riviera Must-Have Fashion Accessory

The Latest Riviera Must-Have Fashion Accessory

According to the city’s engineers, this spate of urban projectiles is due to the heavy rains invading existing fissures and weakening the buildings.  An investigation has been opened, and the city has cordoned off all the affected areas.

In the meantime, if you’re going out to the sales, you might want to wear a helmet, which just might be the latest Riviera must-have accessory!

Nice-Matin: Encore un effondrement de corniche

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