The Saudi Prince and the Porsche

A year ago August, a young Saudi prince, out testing the limits of his new yellow Porsche in the streets of Cannes, spun out of control and T-boned a Fiat driven by Marie Dalmont.  Seconds later, as the two shocked drivers crawled out of their respective cars, a black SUV screeched to a stop and four burly bodyguards leaped out and formed a human chain around the Saudi prince saying, “No problem! No problem!”   The police arrived, but between the (false) claims of ‘diplomatic immunity’, the impressive bodyguards, and the Porsche’s Saudi plates that just said ‘1’, they didn’t question him and let him go without so much as an alcohol test.

Since then, Marie has had multiple back operations, and has fought an up-hill battle to make the arrogant prince cover her medical expenses of a paltry (to him) 10,000 euros.  On Monday, she got her day in court, and 27-year-old Prince Salman Bin Faisal bin Mohammed Al Saud, who hasn’t set foot in France since the accident, was sentenced in absencia to a meaningless penalty: 6 months suspended sentence and 18 months interdiction in France.  It’s good to be king!

Nice-Matin: Accident a Cannes le prince Saoudien encourt six mois de prison avec sursis

UPDATE: This week a fine was added to the sentence:  5,000 euros punitive and a provision of up to 60,000 euros in medical and legal expenses.   But since the prince didn’t even bother to send a representative, the chances of him paying up is, once again, largely symbolic.

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