All that Glitters is not Gold: The Gold Ring Scam – Crime in Nice


The gold ring scam is back, with reports of a man working this well-worn ruse on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice last weekend.

Here’s how the gold ring scam works:  A helpful passerby alerts you that you’ve lost something, and as you turn he picks up a thick gold band that you must have ‘dropped’, and hands it to you.  “Not mine!” you say, but since no one else is claiming it he generously offers it to you anyway.  As he’s handing it over he examines it a little closer and realizes it’s marked 14k and must be worth quite a bit since it’s so heavy…  After some discussion he finally insists that you go ahead and keep it anyway, but suggests that since it’s worth so much the only decent thing for you to do is to give him a little something for his trouble…  Sucker!

Nice-Matin: L’arnaque de la bague en or de la retour

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2 Responses to All that Glitters is not Gold: The Gold Ring Scam – Crime in Nice

  1. Caichka says:

    This is such a ridiculous scam! Two different people tried it on me in Antibes last week, barely 5 minutes apart!

  2. Maypay says:

    Not only is the ring scam back but the pick pockets are back and one just lifted my wallet off me on the number 10 bus yesterday. Ah Carnival when the pros come to town !!