Celebrity Victim of ‘Vol à la Portière’ Attempt

Thursday around 7:30pm on the Prom, he was sitting in his parked car, probably with briefcase and phone sitting on the passenger seat, when his car was spotted by two young n’er-do-wells, looking for an easy mark. They pulled their scooter alongside his car on the sidewalk side then each tried to yank open the two passenger doors to grab the contents inside. The doors were locked, so they whizzed off on the scooter, getting away.  But who was in the car?  Nice Mayor, Christian Estrosi!

So, Mayor Estrosi, how are those juvenile delinquent anti-crime initiatives coming along?

The vol à la portière is a kind of Nice specialty, and a few years ago used to happen up to 10 times a day in the summer, mostly to foreigner’s cars just after they came off the freeway, or in parking areas frequented by tourists. The aggressors worked in pairs on a scooter, and they would often kick or punch the stunned passenger to make it easier to grab her purse.  With their faces obscured by their helmets, even with surveillance cameras they were almost impossible to identify, so finally the city had to resort to massive undercover stake outs at the major intersections.   These car robberies have dropped ever since, but evidently a new crop of young delinquents are taking up the mantle.

But thanks to the attack on the Mayor (nice one, guys!), I smell a new crackdown coming…

Here’s the article in the Nice-Matin, and a little video so you can see the vol à la portière in action:

vol a la portiére par klay06

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2 Responses to Celebrity Victim of ‘Vol à la Portière’ Attempt

  1. Judith Siford says:

    I was robbed at 11.35pm on Easter Saturday in Nice. The man followed me through the apartment gates at 2 Rue Meyerbeer and snatched my bag. I am disabled and use a stick, and was obviously targetted. The lovely staff at the Barracuda restaurant next door heard me shouting and gave chase. They recovered my bag, minus the money. Alas, this is the second time I’ve been robbed in Nice!

    • Best of Nice Blog says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! How traumatising that must have been!