Another Award: Nice wins Bronze for Rudest Drivers in France

It’s a big awards week between the Oscars and Michelin stars, so here’s another recent honor: Nice took the bronze medal for Rudest Drivers in France.

The weekly magazine Auto-Plus graded 10 French cities based on 6 criteria:  running red lights, surprise lane changes, non-respect for pedestrians, honking, double parking, and non-use of turn signals.  Big surprise, the nicest drivers were not found in Nice.   Lille, Toulouse and Bordeaux were the most courteous, while the rudest drivers were in Nice, Marseilles, and the big winner, of course, Paris.

Although Nice took third place overall, our city distinguished itself by beating Paris (!) and taking first place honors in two different driving disciplines: The Pedestrian Challenge (also known as Frogger), where the the test team observed a tourist nearly run down by no less than 10 cars while valiantly trying to cross the Promenade des Anglais in a crosswalk.   Nice also took the gold for Red Light Aggression, clocking the quickest time of 4.7 seconds for rudely honking once the light turns green.  Bravo!

Nice-Matin: Courtoisie au volant : Auto-Plus epingle Nice

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One Response to Another Award: Nice wins Bronze for Rudest Drivers in France

  1. Anne says:

    Glad you’re back – have been missing these articles!! Had to laugh remembering how shocked I was just after moving here (about 2 years ago) when 2 little old ladies, one with a walker and both holding onto each other for support, crossing Blvd. Victor Hugo – in the zebre/walkway – and a couple of men in their little sports car speeding by (barely missing them) hurling insults, blasting horn with the “bras d’honneur” out the window. They didn’t even seem fazed. Incredible.