Hey, Wanna Buy a Used Car… from a Prince?

Prince Rainier’s VW Beetle could be yours!

The late Prince Rainier of Monaco was a man of many passions, and one of these was his love of classic cars.  He collected over 100 during his lifetime, and some of the rarest and most stunning are on display at the Monaco Automobile Museum.   But what to do with the rest of the massive collection which is not on display?   Prince Albert has decided to auction them off!

Among the 38 cars going under the hammer are vintage models (…a 1913 Panhard X19 and a rare 1925 Citroen cabriolet 5HP…), the unique (…a retro Mercedes designed specially for the Prince), and of course the glam (a Bentley, a Porsche…), but the big surprise is that the bulk of the cars to go on the block are rather more… um, regular.    (…Well, except for the fact that they have only had one owner: a legendary Prince!)

But really, who would have guessed that tucked in among the stunners in the Prince’s collection, one would also find…  a ’76 VW Beetle, a ’71 Fiat 500, a Camaro, and even …a Dodge Dart (whaaa…??)    The more mundane models are expected to fetch fittingly mundane prices, and could actually be affordable for regular people; Prince Albert is not setting any minimum bids, so anything could happen!

The auction will be held on the Terrace in front of the Monaco Automobile Museum at 5pm on July 26th; click here for the official Auction site with photos and price estimates of all cars, the viewing times, and contact info to find out the bidding requirements.  Every car comes with its Monegasque papers in HSH the Prince of Monaco’s name… and a great story!    Going… going… gone!

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