The Picasso Affair: How it Ended

UPDATE on the Picasso Affair:  Guilty!  The Le Guennecs must not only forfeit the €50 million worth of original Picassos to the Fondation Picasso, and each get a two year (suspended) prison sentence, but they also each have to pay punitive damages of… 1€.  So in other words, it was a crazy couple of years for the elderly couple, but now life goes on more or less just as before.   I just hope ol’ cousin Teddy Bear takes pity on them and cuts them in on a little of his Picasso action!

Photo Credit: Picasso from 1947 art poster owned by Best of Nice Blog.

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2 Responses to The Picasso Affair: How it Ended

  1. Mary Puckett says:

    No, I say they are innocent. Otherwise why didn’t they just take the stuff one by one and sell the items at various world wide flea markets and small auctions?
    If the court thought they were guilty why did it not punish them…. but instead it stripped them of it all. They were taken advantage of in their ignorance!

    • Best of Nice Blog says:

      They’re sticking to their story, and they’re going to appeal! So the artwork stays in the bank vault for the moment…