Nice, After the Paris Attacks

paris attacks peace signIn a state of shock after the attacks in Paris, the city of Nice has predictably doubled down on police and military presence, and cancelled all major city-sponsored events and shows over the weekend.  But even though public gatherings this weekend were strictly forbidden by the Mayor’s office, this didn’t stop at least 200 people from spontaneously gathering Saturday evening at Place Garibaldi for a candle-lit homage to mourn the victims of the Paris attacks.  Unfortunately, however, they weren’t the only ones to show up, as a well-known and rather vocal group of thirty barged on the scene, singing a loud and aggressive version of the French national anthem and brandishing signs with anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant slogans like ‘France for the French’.

It is worth noting the local Muslim community’s reaction to the Paris tragedy: immediate and unanimous condemnation, responding to the senseless spilling of innocent blood by a massive turnout to donate their own blood to the local blood bank, joining other Nicois of all faiths, in a most personal show of solidarity to help the hundreds of injured.  The line at the blood bank went around the block with many waiting up to 3 hours to donate.  The influx was so overwhelming that over a 120 were asked to come back Monday.

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3 Responses to Nice, After the Paris Attacks

  1. Seb Miller says:

    Thanks for the balanced commentary. Refreshing to read this in heightened times of tension. We are a French born, muslim family who has moved to Nice, and like everyone else are shocked and angry at what happened. Nice has a great multicultural side to it and I hope that does not change…

  2. frank young says:

    Thank you for printing this news.

    A beautiful display of heart.

  3. Deb Vanneman says:

    We live on the East Coast of the United States, and are spending 3 months in Nice and one in Paris this winter and spring. Our hearts hurt for Paris, Nice, and all of France after this devastating attack. We stand with you!