English Language Theater Deal in Nice

Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale

Add some drama to your winter with this live theater series in Nice, selected especially for English speakers …for less than the price of a movie!

Nice’s largest and most prestigious theater, the Theatre National de Nice (TNN) is offering a ticket package to the English Language community of any three productions for the bargain price of just 21€ (just 7€ each!)

  • TNN's production of BattlefieldDon’t miss the powerful and thought-provoking Battlefield, entirely in English, directed by theater legend Peter Brook, from February 28-March 2.

Next a selection of upcoming plays that are in French, but are easily accessible to non-French speakers:

  • Pinocchio (6th-8th April 2017) “A dazzling mix of trapeze and music.”
  • Fugue (28th-29th April 2017) Revolving around 3 scientists at the South Pole.
  • Sacré, sucré, salé (2nd-3rd June 2017) Three faiths, three feast days… every dish tells a story…
  • And finally, a visually stunning performance which works in any language, La Grenouille Avait Raison (The Frog Was Right), from June 7-11.

TNN La Grenouille Avait RaisonReserve your 3-play pass at this can’t-miss price by calling the TNN Booking Helpline at 04 93 13 19 00, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm, or in person from the TNN Ticket Kiosk, conveniently located at the top of the Promenade du Paillon gardens (Tram stop Cathedrale), open Tuesday-Saturday from noon to 5pm.


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