Transport Strike Strategies

French strike signIn France, autumn brings falling leaves… wild mushrooms… the grape harvest… and of course, the most French of all, strike season!

Thursday October 19 will feature a train strike plus a general protest march at 10am between Place Garibaldi and Place Massena, which will tie up downtown traffic and block the tramway for several hours.  Friday October 20, it’s more strike fun when the bus drivers get to take their turn, so expect almost no buses (including the airport bus) and zero trams the entire day.

The locals are of course annoyed by these annual transport strikes, but just accept them as part of life… they do their Gaelic shrug, and just get on with it.  Now you can too: here is a page of strike strategies and work-arounds for dealing with the bus and train strikes in Nice.

See original imageThis month’s transport strikes are due to a set of reforms to the French labor law that hardly affects anything: it makes businesses more likely to hire new workers by making it slightly less impossible to lay off unproductive workers with jobs-for-life if the business is losing money.  Even though these tiny changes have already become law, the unions want to express their displeasure by inconveniencing as many innocent travelers as possible.   Sympa!

Now go perfect that Gaelic shrug…!

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Photo Credit: Striking Students by Papillus. licensed under GNU Free Documentation License

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