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As the only one in my circle of friends that reads the Nice-Matin every day, I always end up being the go-to gal for local info.  Finally I decided to just put it in a blog.

I moved from Maui to Nice in the late 90’s with a sort of “Under the Tuscan Sun” vibe:  post-divorce, no job, no connections, no apartment, no residency card, …and not even able to speak French!   Fortunately, my naïveté was outmatched by stubbornness, resourcefulness, and a whole lot of luck, and all these years later, not only am I still here, I am an expert!

Feel free to contact me with your ideas for the blog, suggestions of topics to cover, or especially your favorite places in Nice that I might have missed.  Please note that whereas I can answer a quick question, due to time constraints I am unable to give detailed travel or itinerary advice.

The form below will send me a private email, but if you would rather add a public comment to this page, or if you have a quick question that might help others, please use the comments box at the very bottom of the page.

If you found the website helpful, you are also welcome to recommend Best of Nice on any travel forums that you participate in to spread the word… a gesture that would be much appreciated!

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  1. Steven says:

    Hi Allison! Gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the eats recommendations on your blog and read nearly everything despite only staying a few days here in old Town. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Jasmine Landrove says:

    I just wanted to quickly thank you for the huge amount of handy information and the beautiful writing style. I will be visiting Nice in July and just can’t wait to get there after reading your blog!

  3. Patrícia Amorim says:

    I’ll go to Nice on March and I found your blog: I’m in Love. Amazing! All the informations that I need are here. Congratulations! Good job! And thank you, because I’ll use a lot…

  4. Gregg Kasner says:

    Your blog is the best information site for Nice that I have found. I just wish I had discovered it sooner than on my last trip here. Thank you so much, Allison.

  5. Clare says:

    Hi Allison
    I just happened to stumble across your blog and so glad I did!! I’ve booked a 4 day trip to Nice later this year for my husband’s 50th birthday, and you have provided so many interesting and useful recommendations and lots of information too, so thank you very much!

  6. Sierra says:

    Hi Allison,
    Thank you so much for your blog. It’s a trove of useful info. Do you know when the Ubers usually stop driving at night? We are trying to find a place to stay one night. Our plane arrives at 8:30pm on Saturday and we catch the ferry to Corsica the next morning at 7:15 (need to be at terminal by 6:45am). Will we be able to catch an Uber from the airport at night, possibly being 10pm by the time we get through customs, then again in the morning at 6:30am? I assume we will not be able to find anywhere to eat that evening or the next morning as well, so I’m planning on bringing snacks with me. I’m considering finding a hotel or Airbnb by the port so we can just walk there in the morning but I’m not sure how fun that will be with our luggage. Thanks again, Sierra

    • Best of Nice Blog says:

      Yes, Ubers run all night long, and they are easy to get in the early morning because they are taking people home from the bars and clubs, so there are lots!

  7. LOUNIS says:

    Hello , thanks for your blog , could you know when we have access for free to Nice matin newspaper it’s for me more to find opportunity for work …


  8. Halina says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. I came across it the night before a short trip to Nice. Thanks to all of your information on Monaco, I was able to fit in a quick trip there, too! Without your blog, I wouldn’t have gone and would’ve missed the beautiful bus rides and a passport stamp. Thank you!

  9. Heather Ludlam says:

    After extensively travelling we have decided to chill out in Nice for three months, April to July. Your blog will be an invaluable help in making the most of our visit. We can’t wait!

  10. Cassie says:

    I just arrive in Nice for week long vacation and will be using your blog exclusively to guide me around. I’m so impressed with how thorough it is and you know all the insider tips. Thank you!!

  11. Ģ&Z says:

    Thank you for your blog! It helped a lot to plan our vacation and get around here 🙂

  12. Albina says:

    My husband and I planning a trip to Nice this September. Twelve yrs ago we ha e visited Nice but this time my best friend who has time share in Nice loaded me with multiple suggestions!
    Then I discovered your blog Allison! Detailed precise info everyone would need to get around! What a relief! Thank u so much!!!! Gift for my trip!

  13. Saya says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say big thanks to you! Your blog is very useful and has taken us through wonderful experience in Nice! This is a wonderful guide to anyone who visits Nice 🙂

  14. Airious says:

    Greeting from Thailand!
    I just wanted to say Thank you! like HUGE thank you lol.
    your blog contain an informations a lot better than travel guide and many website out there, truly appreciated! Thanks again.

  15. Jacqui and Keith Ward says:

    Your blog is exactly what we have been looking for and so far we have only skimmed through.
    We particularly like your clear, informative writing style.
    Looking forward to learning so much more from you.
    So many thanks Allison for taking the time. I will be recommending you to our Nice friends who I’m sure will enjoy your site so that they can pass it on to their visitors like us.

  16. Nathaniel Labordo says:

    Thank you for a very informative blog about Nice. Very useful for an amateur traveler like me. I’ll be in Nice on May and getting all the ideas from your blog.

  17. Leonie Powrie says:

    Thanks for the great info so far! I was in Nice in 2013.. I wish I’d read your blog beforehand. Visiting this January and will be so much more prepared. Cheers! Leonie

  18. Maria says:

    Hola! Vamos a Niza desde Buenos Aires , Argentina y me encanta tu blog..nos vemos allí en agosto! Maria

  19. exoligu says:

    Thanks for your inspiring blog !

  20. mariabrennandt@gmail.c0m says:

    Just discovered your brilliant web site

    Love your suggested Jazz venues ,


    MariA Dublin Irl

  21. petra says:

    Hi Allison,
    I’m from Munich and I’m writing the food and travel blog
    Your blog was so helpfully at my last visit at Nice, so I wanted to thank you!
    Best from Munich

  22. Jane says:

    Hear! Hear! to Geraldine. Been fortunate enough to have lived in Nice for some months on three occasions. Very much hope to visit again. In the meantime… Allison’s ‘Best of Nice’ really is the next best thing to being there and keeping in touch.

  23. Milko Adzharov says:

    I’m delighted I came across your site and was wondering if you or any of your readers can give me some advice about recruitment in France. I’m working for a company that is looking to expand into Nice and was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best places to advertise locally. We are looking for English speaking business managers so any advice would be greatly appreciated. We’ve advertised on Linkedin and but haven’t had much luck attracting the right applicants.

  24. jeff combs says:

    Thanks for your great ideas and I’ll be leaving in 36 hours and never would’ve came here unless for your blog . I’ll be back in May for 16 nites can’t wait . Well one more #100 bus(1.5e) to Monaco and Coffee(2e) then to NCE(6e) . Love the Monoprix and I tell them so .

    Thank You


  25. Geraldine O'Neill says:

    love your website. going to nice in april. my first visit. have been on many sites and yours stands out by a mile. Thanks.

  26. Judi says:

    Hi Allison,
    Just wanted to say I’m so happy I discovered your site – it is fabulous! Not even sure how I got here (possibly Tripadvisor, or looking for guided tours), but you cover everything a visitor could ever need to know.
    I’ll be spending a week in August, this will be my sixth visit to Nice but still have so much more to see – so I will be checking your blog regularly.

    Thanks again for your great work.


  27. Jane Hutton says:

    Hi there, just read your site and think it is FANTASTIC!! So much information and I couldn’t stop reading. You must have put in a huge amount of research and continued attention to this.

  28. As I was updating the transportation section of our guest book for our Nice apartment, I stumbled upon your blog, wherein I lost myself for the better part of an hour… Thank you for this terrific resource!

  29. Judy Hervall says:

    This is very helpful for me and our guests. We have an apartment in Nice and Cannes and this blog will be great to forward to them.

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