Salon des Vignerons Independants – Giant Weekend Wine Tasting

Salon des Vignerons Independants, April 7-9, 2017

Hundreds of little boutique wineries from all over France gather in Nice the first weekend in April to showcase their best wines and have a giant wine tasting… and you’re invited.

Entry into the annual Salon des Vignerons Independants starts with the gift of an engraved tasting glass, which you then take from booth to booth, meeting the independent winemakers, discovering what sets them apart, and sampling their wonderful liquid wares.  220 winemakers have come from 12 regions in France, with hundreds of different wines… how to choose?

The entry fee is normally 6€, but here’s the Best of Nice Blog inside scoop: usually there is an ad/coupon in the Nice-Matin, Wednesday-Sunday the week of the event, which gets two people in for FREE.  

Salon des Vignerons Independants, Palais des Expositions (Tram stop ‘Palais des Expositions… best not to drive, but if you do, take advantage of the park-and-ride lots on the tram route)

Friday from 2pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm.

Now… as to the question of ‘how to choose’… here are a few tips, straight from California:

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Photo credit: rosé by Jeremy Atkinson, licensed under Creative Commons


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