Nuits du Sud in Vence

July 6 to 29, 2017

The Latin-jazz-oriented Vence Nuits du Sud music festival is super-fun and super-affordable, and completely takes over the town square in Vence.  The stage in set up in the middle of the Grand-Jardin, giving the festival a certain charm and an intimate feel, creating a fabulous sense-of-place. And, this is the only one of the three major summer jazz festivals where you can actually eat well, whether on a restaurant terrace or from the eclectic choice of food stands.

Nuits du Sud is held over 4 weekends in July and features world music, frequently with a Latin bias, ranging from from reggae to Balkan to African to Jazz.  Always a very fun and surprising mix…

Cost:  Tickets are just 15€ if purchased online before May 10, (in limited quatity… click ‘pre-vente’) or 24€ at the door.  Order tickets here.

Free ‘Off’ concerts:  Wednesday July 20 is the free day, and each night between 6pm and 8:30pm there are free mini-concerts in the Old Town.  More info here.

Access:  This is the festival’s weak point.  Unless you have a car or a motorcycle, you can’t go.  Actually, you can get there on the Vence bus… but it stops running early, so then you’re sort of stuck for a ride back…

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