Fete de la Musique in Nice

Every June 21st on Summer Solstice, the Fete de la Musique transforms all the town squares in France into a charming free music festival: delightful, cultural, full of discovery, and not to be missed.

speaker dial up to 11However, the Nice Old Town has become a sort of musician-magnet this night, transforming the longest day of the year… into the loudest night of the year as a everyone with a guitare turns up to fill every nook and cranny …and then cranks it up to 11.

Vieux Nice turns into a crazed musical free-for-all with musicians of all stripes stake their auditive claim on every corner, and every bar in town drags their speakers out to the sidewalk and blasts on until 3am.

The variety of music in the Old Town is vast; there is truly something for every musical taste… and it is kind of fun to try to find the chords through the cacophony…

Come to the Old Town if crowds and craziness is your bag, but know that the farther away that you get from the Vieux-Nice Fete de la Bruit epicenter, the more, well, musical, the festival becomes.

There is one corner of Vieux Nice, however, that should be a kind of oasis: the musical line-up at Place Pierre Gautier off Cours Saleya is entirely sponsored by the upcoming Nice Jazz Festival

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Photo credits: massive speaker by Tobias Rutten, licensed under Creative Commons, Turn it up to 11 from This is Spinal Tap.

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