Nice Dog Poop Almost Kills Baby

In case you missed it, a scene worthy of Benny Hill spooled out last month at the Port…

Anne-Marie, with her 6-month-old grandchild Zoe in a stroller and her dog on a leash, was taking an afternoon walk by the harbor.   As is (thankfully) becoming increasingly common in Nice, when her little dog made a deposit, she bent over to pick it up.   But as this gesture is a relatively new thing here in Nice, she apparently didn’t quite have the system down, and let go of the stroller to use both hands.    A second later, when she turned back around, the stroller was… gone.   The baby, meanwhile, was calmly rolling down the slope, picking up speed, and heading straight for the drink.   Reaching the edge, the cannonball stroller launched off the quai and went in with a splash…  But as quick as a flash, our hero Bruno Livet, 32, dove off the yacht Sirus, fully clothed, and saved the day.

Baby Zoe was unharmed but will probably now grow up to be a racecar driver.

Source: Nice-Matin

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