Crime in Nice: Really Bad Karma

As if the ordinary juvenile delinquents on the Cote d’Azur were not enough, during the holidays we also get the big-city kind that come here for their vacation.   One such 17-year-old Parisian, here for the holidays to visit his girlfriend, decided the night after Christmas to hang out at the St-Laurent train station to find someone to rob.   When the last train pulled in, he jumped on board and spotted his prey, maced him, grabbed his bag, and jumped off the train just as it started to leave.   But unbeknownst to the young Parisian, under the victim’s coat and scarf… were a collar and priest robes:  he had just maced and robbed a priest on a Sunday, stole money from a mass, and all of this on the day after Christmas.   It’s unclear whether it was luck or divine intervention, but the vacationing thief was arrested the next day, the stolen goods including the mass money were recovered, and the priest was unharmed.  I’d say a few Hail Mary’s if I was that kid!

Source: Nice-Matin

Photo credit: Rubies Co. Haunted House Collection

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