Nice Bus Station Closed: Buses Scattered

The Nice Gare Routiere is finito: closed as of today, a date with the wrecking ball next week, and re-emerging a few years down the road as a lovely park.   Oh, but did I mention that the modern new Nice Bus Station near the airport (along with the new tramway line to service it) has not actually been built yet?

The interim solution (that is, for the next 5 years or so…) is to spread the bus stations out all over the place… that won’t be a problem, will it?   So starting today, take a compass, your cellphone, this summary, and a map when you forge out to go look for your bus:

Popular buses such as and Monaco/Menton, Antibes/Cannes, the Sophia Express, and Cimiez have all been dispersed within a few blocks of the old bus station, so whereas you won’t have to go far, it will still be a trick to find where your particular ride is hiding…

The Airport Express bus now leaves from… Riquier!   But don’t despair; it will make stops at the Port, Place Garibaldi, and Lycee Massena (just across from the old bus station) on its way.

The ski and mountain buses now leave from the train station.

The tram stop Vauban (Saint-Jean d’Angély) is the new home of Phocéen Cars (Nice-Marseille-Aix), the bus to Grenoble, as well as the bus to Eze, Peille, and all towns along the Paillon.

International buses, including Eurolines, can be found in the Arenas area at the Lindburgh stop, which is a 10 minute walk from both the Airport and the Nice St-Augustin train station.

Stop by the info desk in the old bus station (which will remain open until the final phase of the demolition) to pick up a map.  And if you have a smartphone, here is a link which could be mighty handy over the next few weeks…

UPDATE: for bus stop maps, routes and times click here:  Buses and Trams in Nice

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