Crime in Nice: Local Thug Beaten by Angry Granny

Two stories on crime in Nice caught my eye in this morning’s Nice-Matin, one funny, one not:

After trading insults, a local man was surrounded by a couple of neighborhood thugs who started to give him a beating… in front of his mother.  Rather than stand by and watch her grown son get pummelled, the furious 86-year-old  jumped into the melee and started viciously beating the aggressors with her cane!   She cracked one over the head so hard his scalp split wide open, and when the police finally arrived, he got sent to the hospital along with the son.    How humiliating!   Go granny!

The other story is more disheartening.  A thief was nabbed Saturday, when police saw him jump off a downtown bus near Galleries Lafayette and run with a passenger’s purse.   Turns out, he’s a ‘serial pickpocket’ that is known to the police for 50… yes, fifty… similar complaints.    So they threw him in the clink, right?

Wrong:  inexplicably, they let him back out on the street to continue his chosen profession on unsuspecting tourists and the elderly…   Oh, but don’t worry, he will face the judge… in March.   (…And in the meantime he’ll be able to steal enough to hire a good lawyer!)     What happened to Mayor Estrosi’s big crime crackdown on repeat offenders?

Nice-Matin: Un coup de bequille sur l’agresseur de son fils, Un “serial pickpocket” arreté… puis libéré

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