It’s Catching: Another Victim Whomps Attacker

It must be catching:  Wednesday night a couple of Italian tourists gave a lesson in vigilante justice to a couple of local punks.  The Italians were driving through the Port around midnight, when two punks on a scooter attempted a vol à la portière:  the Nice specialty where they yank open the passenger side car door, violently grab the purse, and flee before the victims even know what happened.

Well this passenger was not letting go of that purse!   The attacker, faced with a furious Italian hellcat, let go of the purse and the chagrined scooter duo sped off around the Port towards Villefranche-sur-mer.

Then the Italians did something extraordinary:  the driver hit the gas and the rental Fiat Panda flew into turbo-mode in hot pursuit of their attackers!   The punks freaked out and sped up but the Fiat was hot on their tail and when it got close enough… rammed them!   The scooter spun out and the terrified but unhurt delinquents escaped on foot, but the police now have their wheels so an arrest cannot be far behind.    Victims 1, Criminals 0!

Nice-Matin: ‘Port : les victimes mettent àterre les voleurs a la portière’

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