It’s Snowing in Nice!

Snow in Place Rossetti

Old Nice in the snow, 2009

The Siberian cold snap has descended on Nice, and with it, a rare snow storm!  Okay, it’s not exactly a storm, but it still feels quite dramatic to see the normally sun-drenched French Riviera coated in a layer of white fluff…!

Aside from a light dusting in 2010 and in 2009 (photo, left), the last serious snow was in 2005, when there was enough of a dump to build snowmen on the beach!  By cosmic coincidence, the Carnaval theme that year happened to be King of Crazy Climate Change, and there was one carnaval parade which started off sunny, went to rain, full sun again, and then finished with snow, as if to make its point.

Here are a few other historic photos of snow in Nice from this morning’s Nice-Matin, including one from 1944, during the German occupation of Nice in WWII, where it must have seemed like divine confirmation that the world was truly turning upside down.

Photos of snow on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice

Nice-Matin 1/26/18:  ‘Every Time it has Snowed on the Prom’

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Photo credits: Old Nice in the snow by Best of Nice, historic photos courtesy of the Nice-Matin

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