Nice Emerges from its Covid Coma!

Chirac statue with maskAfter one crazy year Nice is finally shaking off its confinement blues!  Today is the long awaited moment when Nice’s restaurant terraces, sidewalk cafes and outdoor bars can open back up again (albeit at 50% capacity) …and the ville is buzzing.  Add to that the reopening of all shops, boutiques, museums, movie theaters… and life in Nice might actually start to resemble something close to normal again! 

The mask mandate is still in full force, and we still have our curfew… but as of today the curfew is pushed back to 9pm, a big improvement!   There is live music on the terraces, and the street musicians have burst out of their forced hibernation!

This is only the start… in three weeks, on June 9th, the curfew will be pushed to 11pm, restaurant interiors will reopen, and we’ll finally see the end of all travel restrictions for vaccinated visitors.  And then, on June 30th, no more curfew! 

BestofNiceBlog has been in a Covid coma as well, so in the coming weeks every single page will get updated and madeover with the full scoop on what survived, what changed, and what’s new.  As all printed guidebooks are now hopelessly out of date, so BestofNiceBlog will be your most up-to-date source for post-pandemic life in Nice.

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