Best Beach Bargains in Nice

Le Galet Beach

So how expensive is a day at the beach in Nice?  We recently unveiled our hotly awaited  Best Beaches in Nice detailed ranking, and to do so undertook a comprehensive study of all Nice beaches, comparing the price of a lounge chair + parasol + lunch (Salade Niçoise, Coke and a coffee).  

And the winners are… the adorable Hotel Amour a la Plage near Gambetta, with family-friendly Cocoon Beach (near Lenval) and the venerable Opera Plage right across from Old Nice in a tie for second!

With most beaches charging around 26-30€ for day’s use of a lounge chair and parasol,  Amour Plage and Cocoon stood out at a flat 20€ for the day, and Opera Plage and Belle Nissa (near Le Negresco) were close seconds at 22/23€.  Don’t forget that you can cut the price even further if you go after lunch for the half-day deal… and with the sun still out at 8pm, you’ll still have a nice long time to bake.

Least expensive lunch on the beach?  The Hotel Amour Plage followed by Opera Plage:  their Salad Niçoise was only 17/17.50€, and a Coke only 3/3.50€.     In general, a beachside cuppa will run about 3€, but you can save a few centimes at Opera Plage who won the coffee competition at only 2.50€.

Overall most expensive?  Le Temps d’un Ete takes this dubious honor, setting you back 33€ for the beach day, and 34€ for the lunch.

Check out our new Best Beaches in Nice page for ALL the lowdown with details, prices and links, for all beaches in Nice…

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