Nice Covid Update for Autumn

Chirac statue with maskLife seems to be pretty much back to (more or less) normal in Nice.  Masks are still required on all public transportation (trams, trains, buses…), when inside any shop or any interior public space, and even outdoors if in a crowd (open air markets, standing in line), but otherwise most people are maskless outdoors.   Vaccine passports (Le Pass Sanitaire) are required for all restaurants, cafés (even outdoor cafés!), museums, cinemas, some malls, and most events.  After some initial grumbling, the restaurants are humming again and cafés are full, and nightclubs are hopping.

Nice is now over 80% fully vaccinated, which will probably pop right up to 98% in the coming weeks because by mid-October Covid tests will no longer free for the French, so those resisting the free vaccine and instead getting their Pass Sanitaire by doing the nasal swirl every 3 days will soon have to pony up 29€ a pop.  The massive anti-vax protests that made national news a few months ago are now down to an angry trickle, and it seems that the threat of not getting to have a coffee in a sidewalk café pretty much won over the opposition.

Tourists that don’t have the European QR code vaccine pass can just show the paper certificate from your home country, but be sure to take a photo of it in case you lose it or get pickpocketed!   If this happens, in worst case, just go get the Antigen test and you are good to go for at least a few days until you can get a copy of your actual certificate.

Americans travelling to France, even vaccinated, still have to show a negative test before flying home, but tests are available all over town with no appointment necessary (just look for the little white testing tents), and an Antigen test (usually all that is required) is just 29€ with results in 15 minutes, or a PCR is 49€ with results in 24 hours.

Photo credit: Best of Nice Blog

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