Nice Covid Update

Chirac statue with mask

Life seems to be pretty much back to (more or less) normal in Nice.  Masks are still required on all public transportation (trams, trains, buses…), but that’s about it.   Vaccine passports are no longer a thing, and outdoor and indoor music and dancing is back!

Nice is now over 80% fully vaccinated, but there are still the dogged anti-vax protests every Saturday that block the tramway line 1, which is very annoying.

Americans travelling to France, even vaccinated, still have to show a negative test before flying home, but tests are available at pharmacies all over town with no appointment necessary, and an Antigen test (usually all that is required) is just 29€ with results in 15 minutes, or a PCR is 49€ with results in 24 hours.

Photo credit: Best of Nice Blog

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