New All-In-One Transpo Pass

Last Updated on September 4, 2023 by Allison Coe

All transport pass for trains buses tramsThe French Riviera boasts an amazing array of public transport options, but for a visitor it can be really confusing to navigate all the different tickets, fares, timeframes, rules, and websites (and often only in French!)

So for 2023 a new all-access pass has just been announced: The Pass SudAzur.  This all-in-one card is not only a bargain, but will be a real stress-reducer and time saver if you are planning a lot of day trips from Nice,

  • 35€ for 3 days
  • 50€ for a one week pass
  • or the super bargain of 80€ for 2 weeks
  • plus discounted rates for children under 18.

The passes will be available from July 1 through November 6, and are good for:

  • Unlimited trains (from Italy to Theole-sur-mer, plus inland trains)
  • All trams and buses in Nice plus all regional buses
  • All local buses in all the small towns, including Monaco!

You can’t get this card online or from the train ticket machines, but only from the tram ticket machines (in English) at any tram stop (and there is also one of these tram ticket machines just outside the tourist office at the train station.)  You first choose the rechargeable La Carte for 2€ then choose Pass SudAzur for whichever timeframe you want.

Now you are free as a bird, no lines, no tickets, no hassles!

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