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Best of Nice author Allison Coe

As the only one in my circle of friends that reads the Nice-Matin every day, I always end up being the go-to gal for local info.  Finally I decided to just put it in a blog.

I moved from Maui to Nice in the late 90’s with a sort of “Under the Tuscan Sun” vibe:  post-divorce, no job, no connections, no apartment, no residency card …and not even able to speak French!   Fortunately, my naïveté was outmatched by stubbornness and a whole lot of luck, and all these years later, not only am I still here, I am an expert!

If you find the website helpful, please recommend Best of Nice on any travel forums that you participate in to spread the word… a gesture that would be much appreciated!

For restaurants wishing to be reviewed, events looking to be covered, publicists and press offices, please feel free to contact me personally at

bestofnice at gmail dot com

Best of Nice is a completely independent endeavor, and all reviews, suggestions and opinions are strictly subjective and entirely my own.  I do not accept paid blog posts, embedded content, or paid guest bloggers.

I welcome comments on the blog, suggestions of topics to cover, and especially any favorite places in Nice that I might have missed.  Please note that whereas I can answer a quick question, due to time constraints I am unable to give detailed travel or itinerary advice.

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