Here’s a quick read with a little history and a few strange stories that will enrich your time in Nice…

21 Fascinating Facts about Nice   Why are the Nice beaches filled with rocks?  What’s up with that noon cannon blast?  Why is there no chateau on ‘The Nice Chateau’?  All this and more…

The rocambolesque history of the Nice Chateau… a must read before you climb those stairs!

Apollo Statue at Place Massena

No Fig Leaf for Apollo!  The story behind the statue at Place Massena

Spaggiari poster

Albert Spaggiari: The Famous Nice Sewer Bank Heist

A little-known WWII story… The WWII Liberation of Nice: What Really Happened

What, you don’t know about the Nice Grand Prix?

The saddest day in Nice’s recent history: The Bastille Day Truck Attack

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