Luggage Storage in Nice

Luggage Storage at the Nice Train Station

stack of suitcasesAfter years of no luggage lockers, the Nice train station finally has a new modern luggage storage service!   Just follow the signs to ‘bagage cognsigne‘ and you can securely store your bags for a couple of hours (5€ flat rate for 2 hours) to a couple of days.  Day prices depend on the suitcase size for 5.50€/7.50€/9.50€ for the first day, then 6€ a day thereafter, and they will even store bikes.  The site is in English, and you can even reserve and book online.  Open 9am-6pm, closed Wednesdays.

Another easy option (especially if the luggage storage at the train station is closed) is the Hotel de Berne, which is 2 minutes away from the train station and directly across from the Gare Thiers tram stop. Here you can store your stuff for just 6€ a bag and have much more flexibility for drop of an pick up timing.  Call them at +33 4 83 66 20 57 to reserve, as space is limited.

Luggage Storage at the Nice Airport

You can store luggage at the airport in Terminal 2 on the ground floor arrivals area near the fish tank (they closed the luggage storage in Terminal 1).  They charge a flat fee of 14€ a bag per day, and are open from 6am until around midnight, but know that the staff runs at slow speed and it is not a fast process so allow plenty of time as they need to verify everything plus scan your bags.  One plus is that if you are running late and can’t wait to get your bag back, they have all your info so can get it to you via your airline company.

Luggage Storage in Old Nice

You can park your bag with The Bag Guys, in the far corner of Place Rossetti at 34 rue Centrale in Vieux Nice, for 8€/day per suitcase. Officially they’re open 7 days a week from 10am to 7pm, but in reality Yann is not always there …but he is never far, so you call his cellphone number (posted on the door +33 6 12 49 11 36) and he will come right away.

Another good Old Town option is MyBagInNice, just off the Cours Saleya open-air market at 12 rue Jules Gilly.  They feature reduced prices for half days, which is especially useful if you just need to stash your bag for a few hours.  +33 4 93 87 30 64.

Luggage Storage near the Nice Port

Just off Place Garibaldi on the way to the Port, you can stow your stuff with the oddly named PhoneAndRecycle at 3 rue Cassini.   They charge 7€/day for a big suitcase, and are conveniently located very close to the Garibaldi tram stop.  +33 4 93 56 12 87.

Luggage Storage in Central Nice

stacked suitcases for luggage storage

Friend in France offers a very professional luggage storage service at 9 rue Gubernatis, just a few streets inland from the Opera tram stop. Their rates per bag are 6€ for a half day and 10€ for a full day, and they’re open 10am-1pm, and 2pm to 6pm. +33 4 93 80 27 07.

There are several luggage services that offer storage stashes conveniently dotted all over town, but where you give your credit card information first, and only then do they confirm where the luggage storage place actually is (could be a corner grocery store or a bike repair shop, for instance).  This could work well if your rental apartment is not near a regular bag storage place, and they all provide insurance, security seals for each bag, and free cancellation, so that you still have all your options once you get the details.  Here are the main players in Nice:

  • NannyBag With by far the most locations in Nice, it has 5 years of history, is in over 500 cities, and has an app.
  • RadicalStorage The least expensive at 5€/bag/day no matter the size. In 70 countries and lots of spots in Nice.
  • LuggageHero Started in NY, it has a years-long track record, operates in multiple cities, and has its own app.
  • CitiStasher  A UK company specializing in France; it doesn’t have much in Nice yet, but probably will soon.

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