The Most Eccentric and Quirky Cafés in Nice

Cat Café

Cat lounging in a Cat CafeLa Ronronerie

Have a coffee or lunch with a side of feline love.  The four friendly host cats have the run of the place and love to be petted, not to mention the loads of cat toys lying around if they’re feeling frisky.  Purr purr purr… Open Wednesday through Saturday from 9am to 7pm, 4 rue Lepante, tram stop Durandy or Jean Medecin.

Hidden Tea Salon

Tea salon hidden in a chocolate shop in Old Nice

For a tea salon hidden in a little chocolate shop, look just off Place Palais du Justice for L’Art Gourmand.   In the back of the shop you’ll see a stairway to a little upstairs mezzanine Salon d’Thé that is not only warm and cozy, but is filled with the aroma of chocolate! Perfect for a coffee, or better yet, a velvety thick artisanal Italian hot chocolate to warm you up on a chilly winter afternoon.  21 rue du Marche, tram stop Opera.

Secret Church Bar

Hidden pathway to secret church bar...The magnificent Eglise du Gesu has a secret… in the far right corner is a non-descript doorway, which if open, leads to the church’s own open-air bar, Le Bethel, tucked away in a hidden interior patio. Open from 2pm-1am summer-only (and occasionally at other times), it has a wonderous ambiance especially at night.  The bar was at the initiative of Father Frederic, who would like people to stay and talk, not just see the church and rush right out.  Also, there is no price list, you give what you want.  1 Rue du Jésus, on rue Droite just off Cours Saleya


Arty Bars and Culture Cafés

Mange Voyage Aime  This vegan and gluten-free café/restaurant also serves as a wellness culture hub with yoga and cooking classes, workshops, debates and events.  Open 8am-2pm Tues-Friday, with events/classes scheduled after hours. 23 Rue Auguste Gal, deep in the Port neighborhood, tram stop Republique.

La Tresorerie De L’Art is a flourishing culture hub café with daytime arts and crafts workshops and discussions, as well as evening conferences and music.  13 rue Trachel, tramstop Gare Thiers.   Similar and in the same neighborhood (just one block up), you’ll find Atelier Alfred coffee house at 13 rue Vernier with more workshops to whet your creativity and participative events in the same vein.

Café LIKES has a robust schedule of participative group discussions, with topics running the gamut from psychology, sexuality, climate, AI, literature, politics… plus music and more.  It’s in French, but even if your French is not good, attending something like this will help your French learning as they feature real people speaking local vernacular, and talking about meaningful subjects.  Cover charge is 15€ and includes a drink and plate of nibbles. Open 6:30-9:30pm every night, 4 Rue Beaumont tram stop Republique (formerly Acropolis)

A smaller more intimate culture café is Chez Pauline with a monthly schedule of varied events including Poetry Slams, Cafe Philos (etc.) and mini concerts.  4 rue Bavastro, near Barla in the Nice Port, tram stop Garibaldi or Port.

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