Rock and Roll Live in Nice

There is so much live Rock & roll happening in Old Nice, especially on weekends, that from Place Rossetti you are less than a minute away from at least 10 different bars with live rock bands.

Walk down rue Centrale/rue Mascoinat which starts at the Cathedrale tram stop and ends at the Cathedral at Place Rossetti.  On this street alone you have the infamous Blue Whales, Oxford Pub, and Amsterdam-style De Klomp.  Just up from the Blue Whale on rue rue de la Loge you’ll find Jonathan’s Pub with live music in the basement, and on rue Pont Vieux (just behind the Blue Whale) there’s the very cool Staccato.  (All links are Facebook links as thats usually where you can find the most up-to0date info on upcoming gigs)

Now walk back down to the Cathedral and keep going.  Take a right on rue de l’Abbaye for Bulldog Pub Pompei, or continue 10 more steps and take a right on rue de la Prefecture for King’s Pub, Le Master Home, and the iconic and ever-popular  Wayne’s Bar.  From there, just cross the Palais du Justice to the bottom of Cours Saleya, where you just follow your ears to find AkaThor to the left, and Ma Nolan’s to the right.

And that’s just in the Old Town!  The real rock-central is at Le Volume on rue Defly (which will soon be moving to Place Garibaldi), and here you can get the bead on all the other little rock and music venues tucked all over town that range from little hole-in-the-wall bars to moonlighting art galleries to the Hard Rock Cafe. Pick up the monthly La Strada for comprehensive entertainment listings for most of the little bars.

Nice’s major Rock festivals:

April:  Easter in the Sun Festival, April 2-5, 2015, featuring pop, rock, garage, and electronic, at various venues around town.

May:  Crossover Festival, May 5 to 9, Theatre de Verdure and various rock venues around town, and the final night on Hi Beach.

Max de Bruit Rock Fest, May 30-31, 2015.  This super-fun fest is 100%tribute bands and the proceeds go 100% to charity.  The first day is more metal (AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden…), and day-two is more towards classic rock legends: Coldplay, Muse, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, Doors, Kiss, and Led Zeppelin.

June: Fete de la Musique, June 21.  A free France-wide musical free-for-all, with bands of all stripes set up on every corner.   

Fete du Chateau, 2015 dates tdb, a free weekend music fest on top of the Nice Chateau.

July: Crazy Week, July 15-18, 2015, a 5-day pop/rock fest at the seaside Theatre de Verdure.

…And the verdict? Nice Rocks.

Photo stills from the film This is Spinal Tap, available from Amazon

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