What to do at Night in Nice

Lights reflecting on the tramway as it goes through Place Massena at night

Nice nightlife is vibrant.  Besides having whole pages on:

…there are lots of other surprising options for things to do at night in Nice…

Free Nighttime Walking Tour

Riviera Bar Crawl Tours offers a FREE night walking tour of Old Nice in English!  Despite their name, this is not a bar crawl tour but a real history/stories/hidden places walking tour.  It starts at 6pm at the Apollo Statue at Place Massena, lasts 2 hours, and there is no fee but you can tip your guide at the end if you enjoyed it (and you will).   Reservations a must via their site.

Boules, Billiards, Hatchet-Throwing, and More

Poster of man playing boulesLa Boulisterie Club is a super fun original-concept bar where you can have a beer and play pentanque, the quintessential pass time in the South of France.  The retro bar full of vintage memorabilia, and they have a happy hour until 8pm. 16 rue Lascaris in the Port, tram stop Port, open Tuesday-Saturday 6:30pm to midnight.

Le Blast, a fun American bar on Cours Saleya, has a popular snooker table upstairs. 8 place Charles Felix, Tram stop Cathedrale.

La Boule Noir (the black ball) is a Pool Hall located at 12 rue Halevy, the pedestrian street that runs between rue Massena and the Promenade des Anglais, tram stop Massena.

Tomahawk is a bar where you can really get your aggressions out.  The targets rent for around 50€/hour for up to 4 people, and then you just hatchet-throw until you feel all better.  Hii-yaaaa!   10 blvd Rizzo Tram stop Palais des Expositions

Stand up comedy showStand-up Comedy

The new Bobar Comedy Club in Old Nice does weekly stand-up comedy shows in English every Sunday – just check the Sunday schedule and look for ‘Spill the Tea’, usually at 7:30pm in summer and 5:30pm in winter, and cover charge is just 8€ or 5€ students.  27 rue Benoit Bunico, tram stop Cathedrale.

Pub Quiz Nights

Dave’s Quiz Nights in Nice are legendary, and his loyal quizites follow him to whatever pub is currently hosting.  Dave formulates his 30 questions (in both French and English) using a wide compass of interests and appealing to all age groups.  The teams of 4 compete for the pot, into which everyone ponys up a euro at the start of the soiree. These days Quiz Night is on Mondays at Ma Nolan’s Pub in Old Nice, and Thursdays at Ma Nolan’s Pub in the Port both starting at 8pm.

O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Old Nice does Music Quiz Nights on Thursdays. 40 Rue Droite, tram stop Cathedral

Moon between 2 palm trees with the sea in the backgroundTango and Salsa

Why not dance the Tango under the stars? Meet at Place Massena on Wednesdays from 8-9:30pm.

Thursdays it’s La Ketje with Tango lessons with Tigre Tango every Thursday at 7pm, followed by practice from 8-11pm.  rue Auguste Gal, tram stop Port or Republique.

For more, click here for a good tango calendar, and here for a different tango calendar with courses/dancing farther from the town center.

There is Salsa Dancing somewhere in Nice almost every night click here for the current salsa calendar.

Make Your Own Music

The newest fun thing is Movie Karaoke Night Ecran Pop at Varieties Cinema.  Dress up, dance along, sing your heart out… to Grease, Dirty Dancing, Bohemian Rhapsody, Mamma Mia, Frozen…  It’s a wild and fun night, and there are costume prizes and other surprises.  Tickets are 24€, Varietes Cinema blvd Victor Hugo, tram stop Jean Médecin.

Monday Open Mic Jam Sessions from 7pm at Mediterraneo, the newly renovated Gare de Sud food court.  You provide the talent, they provide the stage, mics, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, and cajon beat-box drum set, or you are free to bring your own instruments.  Its open to all, with no rules, except respect and have fun.  Its right in front of the Liberation tram stop.

On Tuesdays Kings Pub in Old Nice does an open mic backed up by one of their house bands (tram stop Opera), and on Thursdays you can usually find a open mic/jam session at Zonme, a happenin’ hangout located in kind of a dicey area behind the train station, 7 bis rue des Combattants en Afrique du Nord, tram stop Liberation.

guitars stacked against a wall Not quite ready for prime time?  Diane’s Bar a Potes (‘buddy bar’) in Old Nice has a music room with somewhat weathered guitars, drums, flutes and more.  Pop in and jam with your friends and see where the music takes you…  6 rue Saint-Vincent, behind the Cathedral.  Tram stop Opera or Cathedrale.


Au Petit Moulin does a gay-friendly Karaoke Night every Thursday starting at 7pm.  Cover charge is around 12€ and includes your first drink, but it is Karaoke so you might need a few more….  11 rue Halevy, the pedestrian street that runs between rue Massena and the Promenade des Anglais, tram stop Massena.

Pachemama at 9 rue Pont Vieux in Old Nice also does Karaoke, to the great chagrin of their neighbors…


Rue Halvey seems to be drag-show-central at the moment, with Au Petit Moulin at 11 rue Halvey, and Red Kafé right next door at number 9.  Both are flamboyantly fun drag queen cabarets, featuring a dinner-shows, karaoke nights and themed soirees (like drag Bingo…!).  Rue Halevy is the pedestrian street that runs between rue Massena and the Promenade des Anglais, tram stop Massena.

Cave Wilson throws a “Cage au Folles” 1930’s style drag cabaret show every Sunday and Monday night, but tickets sell out fast, so you need to book as soon as each soiree is announced.  16 rue Gubernatis, tram stop Massena or Opera.

Language Exchange Soirées

Blabla Language Exchange  has an Apero Party every Friday at 7:30pm at Savoia Caffe 75 Quai des États-Unis.  It’s kind of like language ‘speed dating’: you join a table and try to converse for 7 minutes in English, 7 minutes in French, then… switch tables and come into a new conversation with new people!  A fun way to practice French and meet new people, and the more you drink the better you sound!

Play Dinner Roulette

The newest trend to meet new people is Timeleft, where every Wednesday an algorithm matches up 6 strangers for compatibility and sets up a dinner.   Popularized first in Lisbon, then Paris and Marseilles, it’s now all the rage in Nice. Fill out the online form before applications close Monday at midnight, then the algorithm works its magic, and Wednesday morning you get an email with which restaurant, and a little about the 5 people with whom you’ll be dining that evening.  The dinners are held every Wednesday, and the cost is just 13€ plus the cost of the dinner (and even less if you sign up for several).

Meet Ups of All Stripes

MeetUp.com‘s motto is “Neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something…”  which just about says it all.  The site is in English and is a great first step to meet other expats if you are new to Nice.  Click here for to see what’s being proposed on the MeetUp Groups in Nice for this week.

If your French is up to it, take it up a notch and try the wildly popular site OVS (On Va Sortir, literally Let’s Go Out) with at least 20 activities proposed in Nice each day, from sports (tennis partners, kayak buddies, group runs) to cultural (‘let’s go to… the opera! live theatre! a concert together!’), to just plain social, as in, ‘anybody up to meet for a drink at the pub tomorrow night?’  These are mostly French locals, so if you are tired of getting pigeon-holed with expats, here’s your chance to branch out and meet new French people.

Café Culture (in French)

Popularized in Paris, Café Philos are a lively moderated debate (in French, bien sur) based on a pre-set question or subject, and set in a bar or café… Café LIKES takes this one step further, with café topics running the gamut from psychology, sexuality, climate, AI, literature, politics… plus music and more.  It’s in French, but even if your French is not good, attending something like this will help your French learning as it is real people speaking local vernacular, and talking about real issues.  Cover charge is 15€ and includes a drink and plate of nibbles. Open 6:30-9:30pm every night, 4 Rue Beaumont tram stop Republique (formerly Acropolis)

A smaller more intimate café cultural is Chez Pauline with a monthly schedule of varied events including Poetry Slams, Cafe Philos (etc.) and mini concerts.  Open 5:30pm to midnight, 4 rue Bavastro, near Barla in the Nice Port, tram stop Garibaldi or Port.

Poetry Slam   This is a Frenchified version of the American slam phenom, part poetry, rap, open mic and improv. Check it out the first Wednesday at Cave Romagnon a scruffy local bar, known for their Saturday night jazz.  Near the train station at 22 Rue d’Angleterre, tram stop Gare Thiers.

La Tresorerie De L’Art is a flourishing culture hub café with conferences, music and arts and crafts workshops.  13 rue Trachel, tramstop Gare Thiers.   Similar and in the same neighborhood (just one block up), you’ll find Atelier Alfred coffee house at 13 rue Vernier with more workshops to whet your creativity and participative events in the same vein.

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