What to do in Nice at Night

Besides the plethora of jazz clubs in Nice, live rock and roll bars and pubs, English language cinemas and occasional live theater in English, all so intensive that they merit their own pages, you can also find…

Pub Quiz Nights

  • ma nolans quiz nightTest your knowledge at Ma Nolan’s, where the Quiz tradition in Nice started and where the questions are in English and French. Monday’s are at their Old Nice location (tram stop Opera), and Thursdays at their pub in the Port (tram stop Port Lympia), both starting at 8pm and both free.  The 5 sets of 10 questions trend to twenty- and thirty-something pop culture, and weigh heavily on pop music trivia, which plays loud and proud during the breaks.
  • Dave’s Quiz Night on Wednesdays at the Blue Whales in Old Nice has more of a pub-style atmosphere, is only in English, and draws on a more well-rounded knowledge base.  Dave formulates his 30 questions using a wide compass of interests and appealing to all age groups.  The teams of 4 compete for the pot, into which everyone ponys up a euro at the start of the soiree.  Starts at 8:30pm, sign up on MeetUp.  1 rue Mascoinat; Tram stop Cathédrale.

For more on Quiz Nights in Nice, check out Nice by Dark‘s post, “Are you the Smartest Person in Nice?”

Language Exchange Soirées

The venerable Alliance Française has opened a new café on 22 Rue de Lépante (tram stop Gare Thiers), and they do language exchange nightsCafé des Langues” every Thursday at 8pm.

Franglish is language exchange group that meets every Wednesday.  It’s kind of like language ‘speed dating’: you join a table and try to converse for 7 minutes in English, 7 minutes in French, then… switch tables and come into a new conversation with new people!  A fun way to practice French and meet new people, and the more you drink the better you sound!  Sign up for this one on Meet Up (see below).  Other groups that form via MeetUp, include Blabla Language Exchange, and International Apero, and more…

Meet Ups

MeetUp.com‘s motto is “Neighbors getting together to learn something, do something, share something…”  which just about says it all.  The site is in English and is a great first step to meet other expats if you are new to Nice.  Click here for to see what’s being proposed on the MeetUp Nice Group for this week.

If your French is up to it, take it up a notch and try the wildly popular site OVS (On Va Sortir, literally Let’s Go Out) with at least 20 things proposed in Nice each day, from sports (tennis partners, kayak buddies, group runs) to cultural (‘let’s go to… the opera! live theatre! a concert together!’), to just plain social, as in, ‘anybody up to meet for a drink at the pub tomorrow night?’

Salsa and Tango

There are Salsa Lessons somewhere, almost every night in Nice, click here for the current schedule.

Why not dance the Tango under the stars?  Regular open-air Milangos are open to all and scheduled from 9pm on Thursdays Place Massena, Saturdays at Rauba Capau (on the Promenade des Anglais, around the point just before you get to the Port) and Tuesdays and Fridays at the MAMAC plaza (up the escalator at the Museum of Modern Art, off Place Garibaldi).  Click here for the current tango calender, and then click on any event for all the details.

Billiards and Bowling

Le Blast, a fun American bar on Cours Saleya, has a popular snooker table upstairs.  You’ll find another 8 pool tables at Bowling Acropolis, plus, of course, 24 bowling alleys plus a pub and restaurant, so you can make like Jeff Lebowski until the wee hours. Tram stop Acropolis.

Café Culture (in French)

  • Poetry Slam   This is an American phenom, part poetry, rap, open mic and improv. Check it out the first Wednesday at Cave Romagnon.
  • Popularized in Paris, Café Philos are a lively moderated debate (in French, bien sur) based on a pre-set question, and set in a bar or café… You can find a Café Philo on the second Wednesday of each month at Cave Romagnon, on rue d’Angleterre, near the train station.  This scruffy but eclectic bar, known for their Saturday night jazz, also holds Poetry Slams on first Wednesdays.  Click here for this month’s schedule.
  • For film fans, the Ciné-Café is fun; it’s been going the first Monday of the month for over 10 years, and was most recently held at the Bar Felix Faure (Opera Tram Stop) at 7pm.  It’s a fun, social, relaxed way to discuss (in French, bien sur) the latest films, and is moderated by a cinephile extraordinaire.  No admission, just the price of one drink.  It’s been on hold since the pandemic, but should start up again any time now…

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