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I Heart Nice smartphone caseFree Wifi at the Nice Airport:

Before you land (and I cannot stress this enough) disable your Data Roaming! …It’s the classic rookie mistake, getting off the plane after a long flight and idly scrolling through Facebook while waiting for luggage… Cha-ching: $50!   To disable on an iPhone you go to Settings, General, Network… and keep it off your entire trip.

The Nice Airport has free unlimited wifi, so just select AirportFreeWifi, then open your browser to accept the conditions… now you can Facebook and Instagram to your heart’s content…!  This free wifi is really important if you want to save money over a taxi and take an Uber from the airport instead.

Free Wifi in Nice:

In town, there is free high-speed wifi all along the Promenade du Paillon gardens, in Place Massena, Place Garibaldi, Cours Saleya, Palais du Justice, and around the Nice Tourist Offices (train station, Promenade des Anglais).  Just choose the Spot Wifi Nice network, then open your browser and just click… there is no logging in, just click ‘ok’ and you’re in.  You will be automatically logged off after an hour, but you can sign back in for another hour as many times as you want.  Unlimited.

Free wifiSeveral stores offer free unlimited wifi, like FNAC and the Nice Etoile Shopping Center (Tram stop Jean Medecin), or for the price of a coffee, you can get on at one of the many Free Wifi Cafe Spots in Nice, and if you download the app it will store the location of the Wi-Fi hotspots on your phone so that you can also find them when don’t have internet access.  If you’d like a little ambiance with your wifi, here are some picks for the best wifi cafe’s in Nice.

Note that when you pull up your list of available networks, you will probably see ‘FreeWifi’: this is NOT free, ‘Free’ is a misleading brand name and it’s only free… if you pay!


Smartphone Travel Tips:

Download the Find My Iphone app before you go and test it.

Use your apps ahead of time in wifi zones: your apps will save the info you need even when you’re no longer connected.  Look up your destinations on Maps, translate a bunch of phrases (with voice!) on Google Translate, search for Free Wifi Spots, Toilet Finder, train schedules, local entertainment and music guide, whatever… then as long as the app stays open, you will have access to all the information even if you are not connected.  Click here for my list of Best Free iPhone Apps for Nice.

Make all your phone calls through Facetime or Skype using the free wifi. With Facetime you are limited to other iPhone users, but with Skype you can also make calls to regular landline telephones and businesses anywhere in the world for only 2 cents a minute.   Choose the Pay As You Go plan and pay for a $10 credit which gives you 500 minutes.    Just tap ‘make a skype call’, choose the country you want to call, and dial!


The Mobile Personal Wi-fi Hot Spot Alternative

Pocket hot spot for unlimited wifi while travelling in FranceThe Nice Tourist office (and other tourist offices around France) have just started offering a great new service: a pocket mobile wifi hot spot with unlimited internet that you can rent by the day and connect up to 10 devices.  It costs around 8€ a day.

You book it on-line in English, pick it up at the nearest tourist office when you arrive, it’s ready to go – just turn it on, and when you are done you pop it in the prepaid envelope and drop it in any French mailbox even at the airport. That’s it!  And if you book through the link above, you get 5% off!


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