How to Stay Connected in France: Internet Data Deals and French SIM Cards

When you want to get online you want it now, and don’t want to waste time trying to find a wi-fi cafe in a strange city!  To stay connected while travelling in France and avoid roaming charges, you can get a French data sim card, or the newest and easiest way to get unlimited internet in France during your vacation is to simply rent a pocket wifi hot spot at the local tourist office.

Pocket Mobile Wi-fi Hot Spots

Pocket hot spot for unlimited wifi while travelling in FranceBest Deal:  The Nice Tourist office (and other tourist offices around France) have just started offering a great new service: a pocket mobile wifi hot spot with unlimited internet that you can rent by the day and connect up to 10 devices.

It costs less than 8€ a day, and the longer your trip, the lower the daily rental price.  …And if you click here to book you’ll get 5% off from Best of Nice!

You book it on-line in English, pick it up at the nearest tourist office when you arrive, it’s ready to go – just turn it on, and when you are done you pop it in the prepaid envelope and drop it in any French mailbox even at the airport. That’s it!

For less than 8€ a day, you can give your whole travelling entourage unlimited 4G internet wifi access wherever you are in France.

Everyone in your family can stream music, call an Uber from anywhere, FaceTime everyone, post incessant Instagram selfies, let your vacation Vines fly, watch Hulu on the train, translate French on the fly with Google Voice Translator, surf on the beach, and never be out of touch.  It’s the most internet with the least hassle, and is the only mobile hot spot that is partnered with the local French tourist offices.  And if you book from the link above, you’ll get 5% off.

Going the French SIM Card Route

Sim cardIf you are going to be here for a longer time, you might want to get a local French SIM card.  All you’ll need is an unblocked phone (Verizon and Sprint users are out of luck here).

The best deal is with Free Mobile, which gives you unlimited worldwide calls plus 50 GB of web time for just 19.99€/month with no time commitment (sans engagement)… but the catch is that you can only order it on-line, the site is only in French, and it takes around 2 weeks for the SIM to arrive in the mail, and you need an address in France, which could of course be your hotel.   Other mobile operators are starting to match the deal, so by the time you read this you might be able to get almost the same deal from a phone store here in France, like the Orange or SFR boutiques.

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