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Nice travel poster from the 1920'sWhen is the best time to visit Nice?

With a mild Mediterranean climate and over 300 sunny days a year (see climate chart below) the absolute best time to come to Nice is in the springtime and the autumn, and even winter is surprisingly pleasant.

Really, the only months to avoid are July and August, ironically Nice’s busiest season, when temperatures are at their hottest… and getting hotter every year!  All of Europe goes on a big month-long vacation in August, so the roads are gridlocked, beaches are packed, lodging prices spike, lines form for everything from restaurants to ice cream stands,  it’s standing-room only on public transport, tempers flare …and then the pickpockets and jellyfish arrive!

Do yourself a favor and come to Nice on any other month…!

Did you know that at the turn of the century Nice was only a winter resort?  The French Riviera was an escape from the bleak winters elsewhere in Europe, and only the nouvelle riche who didn’t know any better would come to Nice in the heat of the summer… kind of like now!

In fact the best airfare deals of the year are in November, when you can fly to Nice for the cost of a local flight.

Monaco travel poster from the 1920's

Winter on the Cote d’Azur is sunny and crisp, with no crowds, lower prices, better service, and a real village feel. The coldest it gets is in the 40’s (5-7c) and on most winter days it gets up to the mid 50’s (13-15c).  Expect 6-7 days of rain a month during the winter, and maybe a dusting of snow only once every couple of years (although you can drive 90 minutes and be schussing at an alpine ski resort!)  And holiday time in Nice is magic… just check out my What to do in Nice in December page.

But springtime (April, May, June) and autumn (September and October) are the real vacation sweet-spots, with lovely weather, the best food, and lots of interesting cultural events… the best of everything.

Nice Weather Forecasts

Click here for the current Nice 10-day forecast.

Because of Nice’s seaside situation with a mountain range close behind, it can be difficult to predict the weather, but my personal rule-of-thumb is that if the forecast is for sun, it will be sunny, and if the forecast is for anything else, there is a 50% chance that it will be… sunny!  In fact, Nice has around 300 days of sun a year.

Check it out for yourself with this up-to-the-hour webcam view of Nice There are 8 webcams at various points along the seaside, so just click on the one closest to you and check out how crowded the beach is before you go!

Average Temperatures in Nice by month, with average rain and snow days

Celsius    J       F       M       A       M        J        J        A        S        O        N        D

Hi Temp   13     13      15        17        21       24       27      28       25       21       17       14

Low             5       6        8        10       14        18       20      21       17        14       10       6

Fahrenheit      F       M        A       M       J        J        A        S        O       N        D

Hi Temp   55     56      59        63       69      76       81       82      76       70      62       57

Low          42     43      46        50       57      63       68       69      63      57       49       43

Rain days  6      3       4         6          5        3         2         3        5        5         7          4

Snow days 0      0       0        0          0        0       0         0        0        0        0          0


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