Nice is home to some fantastic little restaurants, but the trick, of course, is to find these little gems among the hundreds of very mediocre establishments that feed off the tourist tide.  Here are my personal picks (admittedly rather Old Town focused) for the best restaurants in Nice, with maps for each category, plus some tips to smooth the way.

How to avoid common French restaurant pitfalls

From dining protocol to menu misunderstandings, from crossed signals to tipping… 20 essential little pointers that will put you on the inside track, with the added plus of avoiding the scorn of your French waiter!

Where to Eat on the Cheap

From multi-course dinners to long lunches to snacks and take-out, here is my personal selection of (mostly) Old Nice eateries and local favorites off the tourist trail, that are at once delicious and easy on the wallet…

Moderate price/excellent value   You can find lists of the top-end restaurants anywhere, but it is the little bijous in this middle category that are so elusive.  These restaurants offer a level of quality far exceeding their price range.

The Top Restaurants in Nice  Pricey but absolutely exquisite.

Take advantage of best top-end lunch deals offered at the Nice’s toniest restaurants.

Local Nice Specialties that you should know about

Food Finds in the Old Town

In the Kitchen with the Chef: Cooking Classes in Nice

…And Where to Eat on Sunday and Monday in Nice when most restaurants are closed!

Photo credits:  Mr Bean: Steak Tartare from The Return of Mr. BeanNice socca by Myrabella, zucchini flower by fir0002, all licensed under Creative Commons.  Salmon Ravioli by Best of Nice Blog. 

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