Hermes 'Kelly Bag' purse

How to Shop like a Local

What you need to know about French shopping protocol, along with tips for the uninitiated. Sales, returns and exchanges, how to get your VAT tax back, customs limits, how to ship your treasures home, and links to size conversion tables.

Flower seller at Cours Saleya open air flower market

Outdoor Markets

From flowers to fish, arts to crafts, antiques and flea markets, old books and antique postcards, there is an open-air market for it.  Here is a rundown of the morning and night markets, daily and weekly markets, and of course the famous markets in nearby Italy.

The dates for the massive Annual French Sales

Caprice store mannequin holding 'open' sign

Vintage, Second Hand and Thrift Store Shopping

If vintage shopping, discount designer labels, and second-hand chic is your thing, you’ve come to the right place!

Antiques in Nice

French Flea Markets: the Vide Grenier 

The neighborhood equivalent of a local swap meet in the US or a ‘car boot sale’ in the UK, here’s how to find the village Vide-Grenier nearest you, and what to expect when you get there!

Food finds in the Old Town

  • The best shops for wine
  • best bakeries
  • ice cream, chocolate
  • olives, cheeses, fresh pasta
  • meat and fish

Cloth grocery bag

Grocery Store tips 

Here’s what you need to know to avoid the steely stares of the cashier and those waiting in line…  Plus the lexicon for buying organic.

Getting your VAT tax back

Getting your VAT back is like getting a 20% discount… here’s how to do it.   Bought too much?  Here’s how to get it home…

Photo credits:  Hermes Kelly Bag from Hermes France, Flower Man by Mary Payne,  and Vintage by Best of Nice Blog.

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