Shooting Stars and Assumption Fireworks

The second week of August is the time to look up to the heavens… for shooting stars, fireworks and angels.

The first sky show is the natural kind with a flurry of shooting stars from the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, which can be seen all week but will peak on the night of August 12/13, with the best viewing from the middle of the night to the pre-dawn hours.

Then on August 15, celebrate another sky show – this one of the biblical variety – called The Assumption, which is when the heavens opened up and the Virgin Mary was dramatically whisked up into the sky to take her place amongst the angels.   

To mark the occasion, head to the beach and treat yourself to shooting stars of the man-made variety:  The giant Assumption fireworks extravaganza being shot off the Promenade des Anglais.

2017 Update: Assumption fireworks are cancelled this year in Nice, but will be shot off in most neighboring towns.

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Photo credits: Shooting Star courtesy; Fireworks by Chris Johnsonlicenced under Creative Commons.

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