Free Moonlight Party on Top of the Nice Chateau

Fete du chateau moonlight partyDon’t miss the free  Fete du Chateau, Saturday and Sunday, June 29th and 30th, 2019.

This is the one weekend a year when you can go up to the majestic Chateau du Nice at night (although admittedly looking a little less than majestic filled with hippies and sausage stands…!)   The free two-night party on the last Saturday and Sunday in June is kind of a musical hodgepodge, and as it is sponsored by the French Communist Party (!) there are lots of interesting characters and usually some fun music of all genres.

The scene itself should absolutely be experienced even if you don’t stay long, and since the elevator to the Chateau is free, and the festival is free, there is no reason to not pop up for a rare summer night hilltop stroll. Check out the music, enjoy a little vin d’orange, and marvel at a sunset/moonlight view over Nice that you rarely get to see.   …And how often can you say you partied with Communists?

To make it even better, before you go, check out a little quick Chateau history and find out what all went on up there, and what happened to the actual chateau that gave this hill its name…

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