Bus from Nice to Antibes and Cannes

People boarding the bus to CannesThe Bus #200 to Antibes and Cannes may be a bargain at just 1,50€, but between the traffic and all the stops along the route, the trip takes 2 to 3 times as long as the train and you will arrive in Cannes exhausted.   If you’re going from Nice to Cannes, I highly recommend spending a couple of extra euros to take the train and get there in 30-40 minutes instead.

The Route

You catch the Bus #200 at Parc Phoenix which is near the airport (tram stop Parc Phoenix), and it leaves every 15-20 minutes daily, every 30 minutes on Sunday and French holidays.   The bus winds through Saint Laurent-du-Var, Cagnes-sur-mer, Villeneuve-Loubet, Antibes, and Vallauris, finally arriving in Cannes.  Officially the trip to Cannes should take 90 minutes, but in reality the traffic can easily make it go 2 hours or more.

Cost and ticket

If you are just going as far as Cagnes-sur-Mer you can use your normal day or week pass or 10-trip card, but if you are going beyond Cagnes-sur-mer you need a special ticket, but you can just buy it from the driver as you board and it still only costs 1.50€.  If you are taking the Nice tramway to get to the Parc Phoenix stop to catch the Cannes bus, there is a way to not have to pay for two tickets.  At any tram stop ticket machine buy the Ticket Azur for 1.50€, which is good for one tram trip (or local bus), and then is also good for the Bus #200 to Cannes anytime within up to 2 1/2 hours. Buy two Ticket Azurs from the machine, so that you will also have one for coming back.

Getting back at night

The Bus #200 stops running its regular route at around 8:30pm so after that it’s best to take the train (but note that the last one leaves at just after 11pm). The exception is Friday and Saturdays when there is a special #200 Night Bus leaving from the Cannes bus station/train station at 11:30pm, 1:45am and 3:45am.  Even then this night bus will only take you as far as the Parc Phoenix stop (near the Nice airport), but at least from there you can easily do the last little bit with an Uber.

Taking a taxi back from Cannes to Nice will set you back around 100€, so better to take an Uber which will only cost around 50€.

…Or just roll with it and find a casino, an all-night restaurant, or dance ’til dawn (Bisous Bisous or Disco 7) when the trains and buses start running again…

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