Bus from Nice to Eze

Eze Village as seen from the air

There are two buses from Nice to to Eze Village, the #82 or the #112.  Don’t be misled into taking the Bus #100 which seems to pass Eze on its way to Monaco:  this bus goes to Eze-sur-mer… which is at the beach! …So unless you want to hike up a steep mountain to get to the famous perched village, don’t take the 100.

What you want to do is to go to Eze Village with Bus #112 Monte Carlo or Bus #82 Plateau de la Justicewhich alternate to leave about once an hour from Monday-Saturday …but note that on Sundays and French holidays only the #82 runs, and on a very limited schedule.

Map of Max Barel bus stop in Nice

Map of Max Barel bus stop for bus to Eze Village

Both buses, rather inconveniently, leave from the East side of town, 2 blocks inland from the Port at the Max Barel bus stop.  If you are coming from downtown, take bus 9 or 10 to the Port, or take the tramway to Garibaldi, or you could even stay on the tram a few more stops to the Vauban tram stop, then walk around the small parking lot and go through the archway to the bus station and look for the bus #82 or #112.  

The bus ticket will cost 1.50€, but your bus or tram ticket is good for the bus to Eze bus as well, as long as you transfer within an hour and 15 minutes.  Otherwise you can use a day-pass, week pass or the discount 10-trip card as well.

The bus ride to the spectacular village of Eze will take half-an-hour.   Push the red “stop requested” button when you see the perched village getting close.

  • Tip:  Wear flat walking shoes as the 1000-year-old cobble stones are sometimes steep and worn slick.

Getting back:  You can catch either Bus #112 or Bus #82 which between them leave approximately once each hour for the 30-minute drive back down to Nice. Drop into the Eze tourist office when you arrive for printed bus schedules to make it easy.

From Eze you can also pop down to Monaco, just continue another 10 minutes on Bus #112 Monte Carlo in the same direction that you arrived (leaving Eze at 11:30am, 2:30, 4:40 and 7pm).   It will take you to Monte Carlo, where you can explore and then catch the Bus #100 back to Nice, which leaves every 15 minutes until 8pm.

Photo Credit: Eze Village by Jimi Magic licensed under Creative Commons.

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