Bus from Nice to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

To get to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat by bus you have two choices:  take the Bus #100 and get off at the start of the cape for a gorgeous 15 minute walk to town along the seaside, or take Bus #81 that will take you right to the village of Saint Jean.

Passengers boarding the bus #100 in NiceThe Bus #81 Port de Saint Jean leaves from the Promenade des Arts bus stop located behind the Place Garibaldi Monoprix.

The  Bus #100 (Monaco/Menton) leaves from the top of the Nice port.  Catch it on the church side (the stop is just to the right of the church, in front of the Brassiere du Vieux Port). You’ll get on facing Nice, but the bus will make a u-turn straight away and head out toward Monaco.

Both buses leave every 15 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays, but Sundays and French holidays it’s every 20 minutes for the #100 and every half-hour for the #81.

The ticket costs only 1.50€ each way, and on both buses, you can pay as you board, or use your day pass/week pass/or discount ten-trip card.

If you prefer to ride all the way into town, take on the bus #81 and stay on all the way until the end.

If you want to do an easy flat seaside walk, on either bus, after about 15-20 minutes and just after the bay of Villefranche, you will see the Hotel Royal Riviera on your right: that’s when you push the red button to request the next stop if you want to walk into town.  Now walk back to the Royal Riviera and take the paved beach path in front of the hotel, walk 15 minutes past stunning views and luxury villas and you will find yourself the the hamlet of Saint Jean.

From the town you can you can do one of the most magnificent walks on the Riviera: an easy loop around the point that takes about 35 minutes.  Pass through the town, stay to your left, and when you arrive at the end of the road, go down to the beach where the paved trail continues on the other side.  After about 30 fabulous minutes you will see a sign to return to Saint Jean.  This entire loop takes around 35 minutes and is easy walking.

The seaside path along Saint-Jean-Cap-FerratIf you choose to continue the rest of the way around, the paving stops and the trail gets a bit more rugged.   This final portion will take an additional hour at least, and you will end up back near where the bus 100 dropped you off.



Getting back:  Even if you came on the bus #100, take the bus #81 back from town which takes 30 minutes, and leaves every 15-20 minutes on weekdays and every half-hour on Sunday.  This is the best way to get back, as the bus #100 is often full from the return trip from Monaco and will just blow by you if there is no more room.   Note that both buses stop running at 8pm.  You can also take Uber back, for around 20€

Photo Credit: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat courtesy of The Blue Walk European Walking Vacations


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