BlaBlaCar: Ride-Sharing in France

Freeway exit sign for NiceA cheap and eco-friendly alternative to renting a car is to carpool with one of the many ride-sharing services popular in France, which work kind of like Airbnb on wheels. Much cheaper than than the train or even a bus, they are also a great way to share stories and meet locals.

Bla Bla Car is the most popular ride-sharing service in France, and if you are still in the U.S. you can read all about it first on their global site in English, then go the French Bla Bla Car site to sign up for France; even though it’s in French, it is very intuitive and easy to sign up and navigate even for non-French speakers.   You pick a front or back seat in a car that is already going to your destination, and you don’t even have to drive.

And it’s super cheap!  For instance for the 2 1/2 hour ride from Nice to Aix-en-Provence you could expect to pay 10€ for a seat, as opposed to 20€ for the bus, or 40€ for the train, and you don’t even have to pay tolls!   This kind of economical carpooling is very popular locally, so on any given day you will have your choice of cars, and can choose your ride based on the type of vehicle, the driver’s ratings and reviews, and see the profiles of the other passengers. The meet up is usually set at the train station in the morning, so once you choose your car online, you then just show up in the morning, ready to roll!

Hit the highway while letting someone else do the driving, saving money, doing good for the environment, and meeting meet new people!   The sharing economy rocks!

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Photo credits: Nice exit by Best of Nice

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