Pedicab Bike Taxis

Pedicabs, bike-taxis, modern day rickshaws… in France they’re called Cyclos, and these egg-shaped carriages are a very pleasant way to traverse Nice when your feet have had it!

Fairly new to Nice, these eco-friendly ‘taxis’ run on pedal-power …but don’t feel too bad as you glide along in the shade while your driver pumps away: these modern bikes are electric, so when the going gets tough, the battery gets going!

They usually gather at Place Massena, but you can also find them at Nice Etoile, Place Magenta, or on the Promenade near the Casino Ruhl.   Otherwise just flag one down or call and reserve; they’re out and about until 7pm, and until 9pm in July and August.


Nice has two main companies, Happy Moov and Cyclopolitan, plus several small independents.

In general, the meter starts at 5-8€ and then it’s roughly 4-5€/per kilometer, but many display a handy zone map to help you estimate the cost of your trip.  Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially if there are several of them mulling around.

Sample 2015 fares from Place Massena for 1 person/2 people:

  • Old Nice, or Nice Etoile, or Casinos 6€/8€
  • Train station, or Place Garibaldi 8€/10€
  • Port area, Liberation, or Grosso 12€/15€
  • Magnan area 15€/20€
  • Hotel Radisson 20€/30€
  • Airport hotels 40€/50€

…And, they will come and pick you up! Just call Cyclopolitan at 04 93 81 76 15, Happy Moov at 06 52 77 39 33, or Guillaume Alphonsine, an independent, at 06 76 05 25 55, but be sure to confirm the cost of the pick up when you reserve.

Just for comparison, the pedicabs charge more than a regular taxi, which charges 3€ to start, and then 2.08€/km… but taxis will usually balk at a short hop, often refusing to move for less than 15€, and taxis can sometimes be surly and have been known to flagrantly overcharge tourists.


All offer a relaxed way to roll by the sights of Nice… prices vary (you can negotiate) and be aware that the content of the tour will not be extraordinary, but a general narrated 30-minute city tour in English will cost approximately 15€ per person, or take an hour for 25€ per person (but again, negotiate, especially if you are two people).

Photo Credits: Cyclo pedicab photos by Best of Nice Blog.

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