Easy Step-by-Step Tram Ticket Photo Guide

Get your tram pass in 30 seconds!

Chose your language


Step 1: Choose your language

Step 2:  Touch “I don’t have a card”

I don't have a card yet





Step 3: Choose how many trips you want to load

If you are two people traveling together you can both use the same card, so choose 2 trips.  Or load it up with more for your return trip as well…

If you want a day pass (7€), week pass (20€), or longer, or Ticket Azur (2.50€ tram + bus to Monaco or Vence), or Pass SudAzur (includes trams, busses and trains), or something else, just touch ‘next’ until you find what you want.  For all these, each person needs their own card, so there will be an extra screen asking you how many you want.

Choose how many trips you want

Step 4:  Make sure everything is right

You’ll be charged for the number of trips plus a one-time fee of 2€ for the rechargeable card (which you can get refunded later if you turn the card back in, which is why it’s called a Consigne)

Purchase recapStep 5: Time to pay

  • You can drop coins in the coin slot (but it doesn’t take bills)
  • Swipe your contactless card or ApplePay over the blue light
  • Or insert your regular credit card in the green slot.  It will ask for a PIN code on the tiny white screen, enter it on the keypad then hit the green ‘V’ button on the lower right corner; if you did it right the tiny screen will say ‘code bon‘.  If you don’t have a PIN code, just hit the green ‘V’ button to bypass entering a code.

Now just payThat’s it!  You’re done! The main screen will ask you if you want a receipt and then will spit out your loaded tram card!

Validating your tram card inside the tramFinal Step: Validate your trip on the tram

You do this when you get on the tram, or in the bigger stations you do this at the gate to get in (and then out) of the tram station.  Just swipe it on the machine and you will hear a beep.  It you are two people travelling together, swipe it twice for that second beep.   You can now change trams and busses for 72 minutes as long as you don’t backtrack.


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