Things to Do in July in and around Nice

Summer Jazz Festivals  The Cote d’Azur hosts some of the best jazz festivals in Europe in July, including…

Plus, each jazz festival has an entire “Off” section of free concerts… think of it like “Off Broadway” – but completely free!

SAgrandir l'image, .JPG 1.1Mo (fenêtre modale)ummer Night Concert Series – Free

The Soirees Estivales/Summer Nights concert series is an all-summer-long string of high-quality concerts of all musical genres, in all the little villages both close and far from Nice, and all free!


Other local concerts around town with Nice Music Live

euro coin small


Attention Bargain Hunters!  The massive 2017 Annual French Summer Sales kick off on July 12th and go until August 22!



Nice Bastille Day Memorial – Free


Fireworks wiki by Billy HicksInternational Fireworks Competitions 2017 – Free

Pink Parade   – ‘Le Gay Pride de Nice’ –  Free … and freeing!  2017 date TBD

ironmanNice Ironman  July 23, 2017 – Free to watch!

An ultra-endurance race of insane proportions for mega-jocks, but we mere mortals can still watch!



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Photo credits:Nice Ironman by Patrice Lapoirie courtesy of the Nice-Matin,  Prom Party by, Fireworks by Billy Hicks, licensed by Creative Commons

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