Living it Up in Cannes

You’ve got to hand it to Pascal: for a homeless guy, he really thinks big!    A deluxe 4-star Cannes hotel, just off the Croisette and closed for the off-season, became the private VIP digs for Pascal and his friends after breaking into reception and finding the master key.   Large suites with comfy overstuffed furniture, cable movies on HD flat screens, mini-bars, Jacuzzis, terry cloth robes, cocktails on the rooftop terrace… everything but room service!   They graciously invited their friends to share their new found fortune,  “Let’s go to a hotel tonight; I’ve reserved a room!”

When the mini-bars were emptied they raided the kitchen and wine stockroom… all the while discretely creeping out just before dawn to avoid detection by office and maintenance staff that were still coming in to work.  After two weeks of living the life, yesterday they were finally tripped up: some of their guests left the party with a few too many ‘souvenirs’ (read: flat screen TVs) and eventually one of the maintenance men noticed and called the police.

It would seem that this two-week impromptu lifestyle switch imparted a taste for the good life because, as he was lead away by police, Pascal made a final request, couldn’t he just keep the electric shoe shiner?

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